Mak Engine (still on)

I haven’t mentioned anything about my engine lately. Mainly because there is not much to mention but also because my blog has taken on a more personal flavor. I doubt that many of my frequent readers would be in the least bit interested. I thought about separating technical stuff off to another blog but managing two blogs is just too much work for a lazy bum like myself. So just ignore this kinda post if it’s not your thing.

So……here’s another dull and boring screenshot of my latest progress. If you can guess what feature this screenshot portrays then you are nothing short of a genius.

Oh come on… it’s a camera system. It’s a first person perspective of the virtual (uninteresting)world and I can move around using the keyboard. No mouse yet but coming soon. The Grid you see is the floor which helps see the movement. An idea which I shamelessly ripped off a website which I cannot remember to avoid having to create a lot of geometry to put around my world.

If you happen to know that website please give me a shout. All I remember is that it started with an “A”.

Vector maths is amazing. You can do so much with very simple functions.

What’s next? I realized that my program looks crappy (aliased) in fullscreen, so I will try to figure out how to do fullscreen anti-aliasing on low-end video cards. Is it even possible without OpenGL extensions?

3 thoughts on “Mak Engine (still on)”

  1. i guessed this’s a great creation of a great guy, actually the Greatest:). does this guess make me fit in ur criteria of a genious??

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