Mak Engine (Update)


I’ve had this for a few days now but didn’t have the time to post it….. I was eating lamb.

This is a major update. The screenshot does not do the amount of work it took any justice.

This is actually a 3D triangle in 3d space. I know it doesn’t look like it, but it is….. honestly.

I was finally able to get OpenGL to startup properly. Thanks nehe and nullterminator.

Did I mention that Windows programming sucks? It does. Big time.

Following is some of the stuff I have under the hood:

  • My own Event-handling system. Actually this isn’t entirely true. It’s kinda hacked into the Windows Messaging System. I will try to fix this later.
  • A configuration management system which loads and saves config files.
  • A very primitive rendering engine, which can render triangles.

I am going to take some time off coding to redesign my system because I am already starting to hack around my own code (a sign of bad design). But at least I have something that works which I can refactor.

Actually, I think object-oriented design does not lend itself naturally to the gaming industry in general. Any gaming system needs globals and to be honest with ourselves, statics and singletons are globals in disguise. But I’ll probably stick to OO anyway. It gives a sense of organization.

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