Mak Engine (Update)

I have reached this point where I had to decide whether to keep designing and re-designing my engine forever, or to actually write some code and refactor later. I chose to keep designing.

Nah… I got to writing some code. There won’t be any screenshots this time because it looks the same….White boring triangle on a black background.

Now I have keyboard input incorporated. This was actually pretty easy. I think later I will have to add more keyboard functionality like a buffer or something.

I think I also have mouse input but I haven’t tested that yet.

I also did some tests with sound using fmod and it’s pretty cool. But sound will have to wait till later.

I think the next logical step is to write some kind of scene manager so this is what I’ll be concentrating on for the coming weeks.

Progress is very slow. I wish I had more time to work on this. Maybe I should quit my job and do this full-time. Too bad we don’t have Welfare programs here in Egypt.

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