Mak Engine

A man of my word indeed…

I started working on my game engine.

Windows programming sucks…. you have to do so much to achieve so little.

You need to do all the following:

  1. Define Window Class
  2. Register Window Class
  3. Message loop
  4. Window Proc callback function
  5. and a bunch of other small things

….all just to be able to display an empty window…..Yayy.

Good news is, you only have to do this once (unless you really are a moron who thinks OOP is somehow related to Britney Spears).

I also added a small logger class inspired from Richard Fine‘s (aka superpig) Enginuity.

That’s about it so far. I got all the windowing stuff from books. Maybe I’ll post detailed references later……maybe not.

Here’s a screenshot…. and yes… “Medhat is the BEST”.

Total number of lines: approx. 150
So I can take…….lets see……150 divided by 52 gives 3 years break. Phew, I really need that.

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